Thursday, April 7, 2011

 the thing is I've been doing excercises for two days already)) for some people it's nothing but for me it's a great job. First of all because I don't go in for sports at all - yep, morning exercising is a kind of sport for me)) - riding a bicycle once a yaer doesn't count. I often hear about some pleasant muscles tiredness... I had no idea what they meant. I call myself as antisport as I am not interested in sports except long walks and sitting on a bench. But I tell you - morning excercises are something! It has changed my attitude to sport activities)))) Having done some squatting I lay down on the bed feeling that tiredness I've heard so much about)) I didn't want to get up and begin working. I do love working! OMG, every day brings something new to me)))


  1. Yea for you! It is so hard to get into the routine of regular exercise...I try to work out 3-4 times per week but still wouldn't say that I look forward to it (but I do love the way it makes me feel after I am done sweatin it out …hello endorphins :))

  2. my guy's neck and back pain. I started doing exercises for him and now he's on my team when I was lazy - he reassures me)) if I had one, it would be unable to take regular))

  3. I love that you live in Prague...because I adore it there. Thank you for visiting my site today, you're very creative!

  4. Thank u for your comment in my blog!!:))
    I don't like exercise to tell u the truth..I prefer riding my bicycle for about half an hour everyday so as to keep fit..I get so bored to a regular gym!!

    I really like your blog!!
    I am a new follower!! If u like follow me back!!
    Many kissezzz!!

  5. Thank you, very nice) I've also become your reader)))

  6. Hi!
    lucky you, living i lovely Prague, been there a coupple of times and know I will be back. I guess the magnolia is bursting there now, so beautiful!

    The shoes in my picture (MONOme) is not from zara but from the sweedish shop Moheda toffelen :)

    Thanks for the link to your flickr photos as well, love your fun pictures from prague :)

    saturday greetings from a sunny norway

  7. I love your pictures!
    Love your blog!
    Just followed it!

  8. an incredible blessing that you like my photos)) thanks))