Sunday, March 27, 2011

most of my ideas come to their own need. Thus, for example with the purchase of marine sets of clothes, I just needed were brooches on the marine theme and they appeared))

later bought the dress looked and looked and... do it!)

Friendly and an excellent tutorial on creating prints on any clothes)) Thank you Ashley !!)))

horse here)))

like of this group from Latvia

My customers often ask me to do what is not in my shop. Thus was born a butterfly-rainbow. My friend said - I want a colorful butterfly! I reviewed a lot of butterflies and came up with his - like a book and a rainbow at the same time)

So good to see your product in a bright and joyful collection of the rainbow)))

I wish everyone a good day)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Saturday

Wonderful Anna Emilial in her blog asked how we are getting on and I talked about our walk in Konopiště Castle, near Prague. We went with my boyfriend had a great time. Eating sandwiches with tuna and basking in running one after the other))

Thursday, March 24, 2011

About Me))

This is my workplace during the daytime, in the evenings I create  sitting at the writing table under the lamp.

I love to be among good things.  For example, recently,  I sewed a nice needle-holder for myself and every time when I take out a needle, It makes me smile)
Also I found an old suitcase and vintage wallpapers, as the result I have a storage box for my felt, threads, beads, filler and another stuff.