Thursday, April 19, 2012

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Friday, April 13, 2012


January 6, 2012, was born a daughter, Mia. I will write here about it often, because she has three months, you are my dear friends do not know anything about it)

Dreaming and doing)

I've always dreamed of to fifty calendar! But who will it allow me to draw in a rented apartment? And I began to dream of a big blackboard. Recently I saw a black plastic sheet Michael's and say - my donation in honor of his dreams. Michael did not give. Found argalit (here it is difficult to find something), painted black, made a frame and cheers) I now have the board! The nails are allowed to drive in the apartment, so that it hangs and waits for calendar works! Untitled-2 And I always dreamed about how to hang over the table to be twigs and I'll mount them on the basis of different beauty case. And so! We walked with Ira, and stumbled upon an autumn pruning of branches in the park. I'm not thinking began to rustle in piles and found two great branches. Dragged, painted white, the Michael came to the right place and I sew from time to time have something simple. Recently withdrew a winter theme - stars and the moon (picture not done for some reason). Now that's hung: Untitled-1 No sooner had I put drops in his shop on the ETSY - they've already written my favorite blog - Paul & Paula
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